The Holistic Women's Clinic


We Are

Passionate women's health professionals.

The Holistic Women’s Clinic are a team of passionate women’s health professionals who work from a fresh, modern clinic based in Harley Street and are lead by Dr Hind Al Husain.

We pride our selves on

Accessible menopause care, everywhere.

We provide a complete package of care from hormonal health to non-surgical treatments for gynaecological symptoms. Our consultations are available virtually or in-person and we aim to see you within one week of your initial enquiry.

What sets us apart?

Each of our clinicians has extensive clinical experience in each of their fields

Every clinician at our clinic has trained to the highest standards and apply their skills and knowledge in a multi-disciplinary setting in order to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. All of our clinicians have close two decades of clinical experience in hospital medicine and we each have a personal medical journey that brought us to value a holistic approach above all else. Our consultations take into account every aspect of the female body and mind.

Our unique skill set

'Holistics' in Gynaecology and Bone Health,

with all of our clinic time dedicated to the wellness of women and addressing the root causes of female ill health. We know that there is much more to great care than just diagnosing and treating, and we therefore, provide insightful, personalised consultations and treatments to each and every one of our patients, looking at the root causes of their issues.

I can’t believe how improving my hormones has made such a huge difference to my emotional and physical state

Patient of The HWC