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Niche & insightful personalised care,

aimed at the discerning modern woman. Our treatments combine the valued ancient wisdom of holistic health in combination with up-to-date evidence based medicine and gynaecology.






Our unique skill set

'Holistics' in Gynaecology and Bone Health,

with all of our clinic time dedicated to the wellness of women and addressing the root causes of female ill health. We know that there is much more to great care than just diagnosing and treating, and we therefore, provide insightful, personalised consultations and treatments to each and every one of our patients.

How we work

Our Process.

Initially a one-on-one consultation is scheduled either virtually or in-person, in which we will gain a thorough understanding of your health concerns and put together a personalised treatment plan for you which covers treatments through which the body utilises its’ natural healing ability to regenerate and reduce the trajectory of cellular ageing, in addition to resolution of your primary symptoms. Further tests may be advised at this time including blood tests, bone scans, pelvic scans or breast mammogram/ultrasound or MRI – this will depend entirely on the information obtained at consultation.

Two to three months later, you have a follow up consultation, to assess the impact of your personalised treatment plan. If all is well then you are placed into our six monthly follow up schedule. If further changes are required or test results suggest a need for further clinical intervention, a follow up is scheduled in another two to three months.

Once your primary symptoms have resolved, six monthly follow up is advised for continuation of your treatment plan.

All follow up appointments are now done virtually, for all patients, unless you wish or need to see us in-person.

We offer our patients all their options for hormone balancing including risks and effects.

We offer prescriptions for body-identical high street pharmacy medications and/or compounded medication from a compounding pharmacy.

We advise all our patients that high street pharmacy medications are licenced preparations, whereas compounded medications, while effective, are unlicensed preparations. This is fully discussed at consultation and the best option for each patient is determined.

Once a fully informed decision is made, we facilitate prescriptions and all further necessary information.

We use the following UK based compounding Pharmacies. We do not have a vested financial interest in any of these pharmacies and only prescribe what is needed, putting the needs of our patients above all else.


​For those women who do not want or can not have hormone treatments, we offer alternative effective evidence based treatments.

Follow up is advised twice annually for hormonal health.

…now everything is much better and my quality of life has improved dramatically!

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